Health and Physical Education

After the recent changes made to the Health and Physical Education curriculum made by the new provincial government, parents, teachers, and students across the province are very concerned about what these changes mean. I understand that these changes put everyone at risk and if elected will do everything possible to ensure the content of this curriculum is still able to be taught in some manner, particularly as it pertains to issues of consent, cybersafety, and gender and sexuality.

Mental Health and Safety

Many schools in Guelph have become increasingly unsafe environments for both students and teachers in recent times, largely due to lack of resources. This is a problem with multiple facets including lack of support for mental health, lack of ability to give students the attention they need, and even problems with the state of repairs of school buildings themselves. If elected, this is an issue I will work to address on all fronts.


A common complaint I have heard at the doorstep is that there is a lack of communication from our current trustees. This can be a lack of communication between the trustees and parents, between trustees and teachers, and even just communication with the public in general. If elected, I will make it a priority to always be available for contact and to make regular visits to schools in Guelph so that communication lines are open for concerns to be expressed.

Putting Education First

Schools are the institution through which we prepare the next generation to face the challenges of the world. In the policies above, the primary focus has been on enabling schools to thrive as safe, productive learning environments. This means making sure students from all walks of life feel safe and included so they can focus on what they’re learning. This also means listening to the concerns of educators, listening to the concerns of the community, and being able to make decisions based on those voices that put the quality of education students are receiving as the number 1 priority, and this is exactly what I will do if elected on October 22nd.
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